Melting Those Extra Pounds Away in No Time

I have spent half my life on diets. I grew up in a family where a hearty meal was a given. I don’t think I have eaten an uncooked meal until I went to college. It was incredible. Breakfast at our house looked like Christmas dinner at other houses. My mom was also an amazing cook, which I could tell from the sheer number of my school friends who always came over “conveniently” at meal times.

There was always plenty of food for everyone. And when there s such amount of food around you since you are brought into this world, it is quite difficult not to get in the overweight category. And for a girl, being overweight is not exactly a smooth ride.

Somehow the obese boys have it somewhat easier than obese girls. When you are an obese boy, you can still be cool and popular and funny, have a bunch of friends. However, when you are a girl who is overweight, you don’t even get to the point where people listen to you. You are disregarded as an overweight girl at the first sight.

This was particularly true in high school. Those were the worst years of my life. Other girls constantly teased me and I had it really hard. It was not that I wasn’t trying. I think I was eleven when I first went on a little diet of my own, cutting down on sweets. However, it was more than sweets in my case and my battle with the extra pounds became a constant one.

I would spend the following 15 years fighting obesity. When I got into college, things became a bit more relaxed for me. First of all, people in college are not as immature and they let you live even if you are a bit overweight. Also, I was out of the house, which was like a calorie factory. This also helped a lot.

Still, I was overweight and I just couldn’t get rid of extra weight. I exercised, I started eating real healthy in college, but the pounds were still there, ruining my life. Soon, my best friend was getting married and I was supposed to be the maid of honor. I was so excited for her and I thought this would be a great occasion to finally get rid of those extra pounds for good.

The only problem was that the wedding was organized on short notice and that only had three months to get in shape. I was quite sure that I won’t be able to lose all the weight I wanted in time and I asked a friend of my who has just graduated from medicine about my options.

phen375He told me that the best option without a doubt would be Phen375, a great weight loss pill that works by suppressing hunger and by increasing the speed of the metabolism. It seemed like an okay thing and I gave Phen375 a try. I don’t want to brag or anything, but most of the people were looking at me at that wedding.

It was not that my friend Mary (the bride) wasn’t just beautiful, but I lost so weight that people spent half the time wondering who that girl is and then gasping after they realize it was me. Since then, I have kept my weight in check, sometimes with a little help from Phen375.

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