Acne Scar Treatment

Almost every human being appreciates beauty. It is an issue that is always on our lips. That is why some people assert that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Another school of thought holds that beauty is in the beheld. For women, personal beauty seems to matter more as compared to the value that men place on individual attractiveness. For this reason, women dread acne. That is why it is important to know how to get rid of acne scars. 

The Dark Spots

When acne invades your face, you feel like hiding from every person you come across. Having black marks all over your face will definitely affect how people view you and how you appreciate yourself. Many women lose their self esteem when acne scatters black spots all over the face. It almost feels like they are responsible for the condition in spite of all their efforts to keep it away.

Friends and foes do not make life easy for acne sufferers. From negative comments, gossip and even sarcasm, you will listen to a lot of negatives. Many will brush you away but a few will offer to help. You will get all types of advice on getting rid of acne scars. Some counsel will be practical but not effective. A number of your sympathizers will proffer impracticable, bizarre or imprudent solutions.

Do Not Blame Yourself

While it is possible to feel dejected and demoralized when acne starts wreaks havoc on your face, it is wrong to blame yourself. Remember that so far nobody can conclusively tell what causes acne. It is possible that your oily skin makes you vulnerable to acne but that it is how you were born. It is natural and you cannot change anything about it. Some experts also believe that acne is a genetic problem thus implying that you are helpless when it comes to having this skin problem.

Everyone Can Have Acne

In addition, studies have shown that pregnant and teenage women are at higher risk of acne because of hormonal changes during these crucial stages. Further, there are suggestions that some cosmetics that are greasy make you more susceptible to acne. In essence, there is no need of blaming yourself for a problem that even dermatologists are unable to attach a cause to.

The Symptoms

People who have acne experience different types of growths on their skins. Whitehead pimples remain hidden under the skin. Blackheads are other types of pimples which are visible on the skin. Papules are pink pimples while pustules are white and ooze pus. Nodules are larger than the other pimples and are painful and deeply-ingrained in the skin. The toughest and most painful symptoms of acne are cysts which often result in scars.

Treatment Approaches

There are various ways to get rid of acne scars. These include:

Over-The-Counter Medicine

If your acne is mild, you can buy medicine from a pharmacist without having a prescription from a dermatologist. These medicines are applied on the affected areas. They contain resorcinol which is efficacious in treating whiteheads and blackheads. Another element of over-the-counter medicine is benzoyl peroxide. This compound helps in removing the bacteria that impede the production of oil by glands.

Another ingredient of non-prescription medicine is salicylic acid. It reduces the swelling of whitehead and blackheads. There are also sulfur-based drugs which overcome bacteria, whiteheads and blackheads. Moreover, some of these medicines contain Retin-A which unblocks your skin’s pores thus eliminating pimples and acne. Another compound that helps to overcome acne is Azelaic acid. This is a very effective element in preventing the growth of pimples by killing bacteria.

All these drugs can be bought in various forms including pads, lotions, gels, soaps and creams. The application of a particular remedy depends on what it can treat, the nature of symptoms and the sensitivity of your skin. In case the pain or the symptoms persist, it is crucial that you visit a doctor.

Severe Acne

If you feel that you situation is serious, a dermatologist may prescribe more effective drugs. These therapies are manufactured from the same elements that are used in over-the-counter medicine. However, the dermatologist will give you pertinent medication after carrying out extensive examination of your condition. They may be administered orally or even in form of an injection.

Other Simple Ways Of Getting Rid Of Acne Scars

Apart from medication, it is important to observe the following practices to overcome acne:

  • Keep your skin clean at all times and avoid scratching it as this will aggravate acne.
  • Do not interfere with the symptoms through physical touch or forceful removal.
  • Observe proper shaving methods especially the use of clean razors, cream and water.
  • Do not over-expose your skin to sunlight as this will lead to skin burn
  • Avoid skin make-up that has a lot of oil

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